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bullet Angel Dolfyn Connection
Our Mission is to enhance the well-being of each individual, by establishing and maintaining a holistic balance of Mind, Body & Spirit.
bullet Juice Plus+
We are distributors of the best whole food nutrition available in the market. Please visit this website and learn about all the clinical research conducted for this product.
bullet Nature Sunshine Products
We are an independent Distributor for Nature's Sunshine Products.

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bullet Amazon

bullet The Wild Divine

bullet Spiritual Cinema

bullet Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Spiritual Nourishment

bullet Richard Bach
Richard Bach is one of our favorite authors. His most famous work is Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions. Other great peaces have followed since...
bullet Dan Millman
Dan Millman is the author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. This book recently adapted into a motion picture can change your life forever.
bullet Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen, M.A., is the author of 20 bestselling inspirational books and CD's, including the best-selling The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore and the award-winning A Deep Breath of Life. Alan brings a warm blend of wisdom, intimacy, humor, and vision to the path of personal and spiritual growth.
bullet Gregg Braden
Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. He has been called a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.
bullet Dr. Wayne Dyer
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s written 29 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.




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